The Damnation Of Adam Blessing



The Damnation Of Adam Blessing


Unearthed proto-metal gem remastered from the original 1969 tapes and repressed on Vinyl - includes a printed insert with liner notes by Doug Sheppard. 

An excerpt from The Damnation Of Adam Blessing Historical Context

By Paul Major

Feed your mind, yeah… FEED YOUR MIND!  Nearly half a century has passed since the day I first heard the Damnation Of Adam Blessing. In 1969 their stunning psychedelic anthem "Cookbook" became a big hit on local AM radio in Louisville, Kentucky where I grew up. It sounded dangerous. Songs with blatant messages concerning the adventure and enlightenment possible through drugs and mind expansion were still a relatively scarce thing on mainstream pop radio. "Cookbook" not only suggested taking the psychedelic journey, it dared you to do it. You can hear it in the singer's attitude. You can hear it in the first guitar break which rips in right after the first verse, they just couldn't wait to smoke you. That dare stands. "Cookbook" is a dose with no expiration date. It is the opening track on the band's first album and it sets the scene. Once you hear it you need more. Hooked. These first ever exact vinyl reissues taken from the original master tapes guarantee the full trip. You get to see inside the earliest days of hard rock, when the more optimistic psychedelic trends had largely run their course, reality and rock music both taking a turn towards a darker and heavier mood. Still somewhat psychedelic but much less interested in being pretty, cosmic and reflective. Turn up the guitars and go on offense. Feed your mind. 

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Side A

1. Cookbook

2. Morning Dew

3. Le' Voyage 

4. You Don't Love Me

5. Strings and Things

Side B 

6. Last Train To Clarksville

7. Dreams

8. Hold On 

9. Lonely