The Second Damnation

The Damnation Of Adam Blessing


The Second Damnation

The Damnation Of Adam Blessing


Unearthed proto-metal gem remastered from the original 1970 tapes and repressed on Vinyl - includes a printed insert with liner notes by Doug Sheppard. 


An excerpt from The Damnation Of Adam Blessing Historical Context

By Paul Major

Damnation Of Adam Blessing have left us two entire quintessential albums capturing that magic moment when psychedelia was morphing into the sort of hard rock that eventually became termed "classic". Case in point, "Back To The River" from their second LP. It is so "classic" sounding I find it hard to believe even extreme record label incompetence could have stopped it from becoming a massive national hit. Topping that, the song appears at the end of what I consider a perfect album side, one that never fails to deliver. In my imagination millions of partied-out copies are scattered across the entire country. Should be reality, it's that good.

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Side A

1. No Way

2. Death Of A Virgin 

3. Driver 

4. Everyone

5. Back To The River 

Side B 

6. Money Tree

7. Ba-Dup

8. New York City Women 

9. In the Morning 

10. Smile