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The biggest mystery is why am I not following this band around like a shadow watching them make every note of audio from toothbrushing in the morning to book page turning as they doze off. This post -No Wave genius band is super ridiculously awesome and you should love them like your own children. 
- Rocktober

Mystery of Two is the sound of Cleveland. It's the urgency of running red lights through the intersections where you'd rather not stop with full knowledge that big brother's traffic cameras have an electronic eye on your license plate. It's the paranoia of looking both ways, twice, as you make your way down darkly lit side street. It's the knowledge that the only thing the city seems to be good at these days is poverty and killing. Mystery of Two embodies all the sh*t we take living in this town, as we scratch our way by with resiliency, determination, and pride. Mystery of Two is real, gritty Cleveland.
- I Rock Cleveland

Track list

1. Gravity
2. Repeat It
3. French Rocking Horse
4. The Spark Is Sweet
5. Reprise It
6. Morning's Call
7. Swimming
8. Middle of a Field
9. Strange Town
10. Free Fall


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Full Length LP, 10 songs 
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