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"...I dare you not to be carried away completely in the charm and craft of the entire album; Rest is the portrait of a band firing on all cylinders and with a little luck (or any justice), this gem of an independent album will find the hearing it deserves." - Silent Uproar

"...I've always liked Ben Gmetro and the Dreadful Yawns, but having consumed their latest, 10-cut affair Rest on a spectacularly dreary-and-rainy day a couple weeks ago, I've decided they are divine."

"...Rest feels like a seductive sedative and begs for repeat doses." - Peter Chakerian, CoolCleveland

"Filtering delicate vocal textures reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkel through alt-country sounds and spacious folk landscapes that reference The Byrds, Elliott Smith and Wilco at times, Cleveland quintet The Dreadful Yawns achieve a sound which is instantly engaging yet multifaceted, familiar yet relevant."

"Once in a while, a country record comes along with the rare ability to attract non-country fans. ...Background instruments get more and more upfront as the album progresses, with “We Go Up” driven almost exclusively by a high wall of sound practically in front of the picking guitars and soft vocals. Beautiful." - The Owl and The Bear

"...Here we have pure Byrds or Dead inspired country-rock and and Americana music. Pure, folk-tinged pop songs...I have found that I love this band because how good they are at creating a feeling, their voices are great...This is road-trip across the Midwest music, beautiful stuff full of acoustic guitars, slide guitar, and just enough drums and bass to give it a little bit of punch. They're still virtually unknown outside of their home area, but I hope that changes soon, because they're one of the best around.

- another sucker on the vine, Top 50 Cds of 2007

Track list

1. F Song
2. Picnic
3. Figure It Out
4. Perpetual Depression The Making Of Entering Kentucky Hear What You Want The Top Of The Mountain
5. Glitter Still In Your Hair
6. Puppy
7. Parade
8. Another Song In A
9. Additional Song In A
10. Religious Drones The Next Day Sun Comeback


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Full Length LP, 10 songs 
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