Jimmy Bell's Still in Town

15.60.75 The Numbers Band

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Jimmy Bell's Still in Town

15.60.75 The Numbers Band


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About the Album

Exit Stencil Recordings is honored to be re-releasing the long out of print, and woefully underrated, 1975 debut album by 15 -60-75 (The Numbers Band) entitled Jimmy Bell's Still in Town. For those familiar with the band and record---tracking down an original can easily cost you triple digits!

Hailing from Kent, Ohio, 15 -60-75 (The Numbers Band) is considered one of the forefathers of the Akron / Cleveland music scene of the 1970s and their musical pedigree is pretty impressive---including members who would later go to found Devo and siblings of the legendary Chrissie Hynde. Long-standing Ohio folklore has it that the band actually served as an influence for The Blues Brothers!

Track Listing

1. Animal Speaks
2. About the Eye Game
3. Narrow Road
4. Thief
5. Jimmy Bell
6. About Leaving Day
7. Who Do You Love
8. Drive
9. Keep-A-Knockin' (But You Can't Come In)


Album Details

Full Length LP, 9 songs, Remastered 
MP3 Download of the Album
Double LP in a Gatefold Jacket
140 gram Vinyl
First Press: 500 black/black vinyl
Second Press: 500 black/blue transparent vinyl
liner notes by David Fricke (Rolling Stone) and David Giffels (co-author of Are We Not Men?)
3 never before released bonus tracks


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