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The New Lou Reeds


Hit Songs

The New Lou Reeds



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Native son Harvey Pekar, he of American Splendor, is dead. Drew Carey's in Burbank, shilling for CBS. Northeast Ohio native LeBron James took "his talents" to South Beach. (Hey, Screamin' Jay Hawkins and Albert Ayler left, too.) And just about every member of the county government has been indicted for some sort of malfeasance besides.

But like a Phoenix rising from the ashes of a burning city (or even its big river), Cleveland's own New Lou Reeds present their magnum opus Hit Songs. Again casting their sardonic and cynical eye toward the myth of the working class hero and the supposed beauty and glamour of the entertainment industry, the Reeds have created their own distorted Americana, the soundtrack for life's hideous and hilarious underbelly.

Track list

1. Headed For A Felony
2. (I'm Clearly) Rockin' Too Hard For You
3. Torch'd 
4. Older Than Dirt
5. Every Setback In The World
6. Born To Rock
7. The Mainframe (Is Coming Down)  


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Full Length LP, 7 songs
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Individually Unique Color Vinyl
Silkscreened Cover
Limited 300 press


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