Grant Earl LaValley

From LaValley Below


Grant Earl LaValley

From LaValley Below


12” black vinyl w/ digital download card and printed inner sleeve

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01. The In-Betweens

02. Hardwood Floors

03. Back of Beasts

04. Dark Love

05. Call of the Wild

06. Where Are All My Friends

07. Seasons

08. Don’t Let it Bring You Down (Neil Young)

09. Dungeon Waltz


About The album

In keeping with Grant Earl LaValley’s communal and collaborative lifestyle, “From LaValley Below” was recorded with a number of groups of friends, in a number of different cities throughout the US.  Primarily in the summer time, when the deserts of Joshua Tree become to harsh for human habitation and Grant and his dog retreat to the mobile comfort of his 1980s Volkswagen Vanogan and hit the road for cooler climates.

Recorded in mobile locations in and around Joshua Tree, and in studios in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Grant’s hometown of Columbus, OH.

Noted contributions from UK by way of Australia songwriter, Martin Craft, who was a collaborator and band member of Jarvis Cocker.