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Bird Skulls


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About the Album

Bird Skulls represents a significant shift in the songwriting of Brian Robert Hannon.  A much darker, more sombre affair than their most recent LP, Dear America.  

The arrangements are more sparse, more haunting, and more ephemeral---an effect that works remarkably well for showcasing Hannon's unique and fragile voice.   

The melodies remain memorable and artfully crafted, and add weight to the heady lyrical content focusing on the forms of losses that arise from the death of a friend and the loss of relationships.

Despite the darker tone of Bird Skulls, Hannon continues to apply his skillful attention to the rise and fall, tension and release, typified in his previous efforts.  

In "Mt Pisgah", a lone melody repeats, grows and swells throughout the song before trailing off as gently as it started.  In "Green Village", Hannon creates an emotional dirge that would be at home on any early Will Oldham recording.

Track Listing

1. Bodies
2. Curse
3. Green Village
4. Mt. Pisgah


Album Details

Digital Only 
4 song EP