Like Bells is what happens when you mix a violinist, a jazz drummer, a laptop, and a guitarist with an aptitude for unique tunings. 

Formed in 2006 while all three members were students at Oberlin College/Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Like Bells have taken advantage of their ivory tower fortifications to develop a personal and honest musical style. Like Bells draws on a wide swath of musical influences, from instrumental acts like Do Make Say Think, Sigur Ros, and Mogwai, to electronic wizards Aphex Twin and Matmos, to widely regarded pop artists like Bjork, Frank Zappa, and Radiohead. 

Like Bells have built up a strong following in the Cleveland area, and have brought their act on the road, playing in clubs from Knoxville, TN to Columbia, SC. They will be on tour during the spring and summer in 2009. This tour will coincide with the release of their self-titled LP, which was engineered, mixed, and produced by the band. It will be released by Cleveland-based indie label Exit Stencil Records. 
Like Bells writes songs that challenge listeners without alienating them. Their live shows are characterized by their attention to detail--a result of countless hours spent writing and rehearsing material--and by the boundless energy and excitement that can only come from a band of wide-eyed 20-somethings touring around the country, happy for the chance.