cassette cover, Burn Tape
Burn Tape (2009)
full length cassette tape
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Track Listing
  1. This Morning
  2. In the Danger
  3. Pigeons Like Windowsills
  4. Long Hair
  5. When the Sky Turns to Black (the rain is all around)
  6. Tomorrow Sorrow
  7. The Ghost of My Soul (my hands are shaking)
  8. We Drove Through Winter
  9. A Golden Bird, a Wooden Floor, a Box of Skulls
  10. Vghff (air flex)

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"...Miller owes a clear debt to early Banhart, with his murky arrangements, overlapping falsettos, and sinister little slides into a nasal vibrato; he's also beholden to Iron & Wine's The Creek Drank the Cradle, with his fondness for double-tracked high/low vocals... -Brian Howe, Pitchfork

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